Electric Vibrating T-Shaped Beauty Bar

Model No


GEM Type



15.5*3.5 cm


60±5 g




100 Pcs


Free Sample, OEM, ODM


Electric vibrating T-Shaped beauty bar is meticulously designed to target specific areas of the face, providing a variety of benefits to your skin. It can enhance circulation providing the oxygen and nutrients it requires to repair and regenerate, improving its texture and tone. The vibration (6000 vibrations/minute) will assist you in making skincare nutritions penetrate deeper into the dermis layer, bringing moisture and elasticity.

It has multiple interchangeable heads so you can choose one or several heads to use together depending on your needs. It can also be customized in a variety of colors, sizes, or with different natural stones.


Electric vibrating T-Shaped beauty bar is good at tightening the skin. In addition, it can increase skin metabolism by stimulating blood circulation, and have a good user experience Reduce puffy eyes and dark circles,Reduce wrinkles around eyes,lips, forehead & neck.

The T-shape is perfect to run softly throughout your face from under your eyes to the fine lines around the lips and neck. Energise pulls, firms and tightens the skin. Its a quick pick me up before your regular make up routine or just when you want to start your day with energised skin.


Electric power is supplied by one AA battery (not included). Furthermore, the manual control twists On/Off. Some brands’ rechargeable AA batteries are too large to fit into the device, in this case, please use a different brand of  AA battery.

  • Free Sample For Testing.
  • Quality assurance: 100% handmade and natural raw stone, never use inferior materials.
  • 24 hours after sales and technical guidance.
  • Custom product and packaging design for OEM, ODM.
  • Multiple shipping options available. (Express, By sea, By air, By land, DDP and so on)