ShenZhen YLELY Tech Co., Ltd is a modern company that dedicates to health and beauty crafts research & development, design, sales and manufacturing. Our main products include gua sha tools, jade roller massagers, electric beauty instruments, scraping bars, meridian combs, and face washing devices, etc. Meanwhile, we also devoted to combining natural jade and gemstone with electric technology products developing, supported by the complete scientific management, strict quality control system and specialized &intimate after-sales service……Read more

Gua Sha has a long history.

From the Palaeolithic Period, the prototype of guasha therapy has already appeared, people always instinctively use hands or gallets to fondle and thump one part of body surface when getting sick, sometimes it could relief the illness well. With people’s further study and the accumulation of years, achieved guasha technology of today, it becomes systematized, then widely spread among people……Read more

about gua sha massage
Keep Health in Summer by Gua Sha
Keep Health in Summer by Gua Sha Massage

Having A Positive Energy In Sweet-tempered To Relieve The Intense Heat Summer is the most Yang season of the year. …

gua sha remove-wrinkles
Gua Sha Massage – Remove Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the cruel traces brought to a woman by years, especially the wrinkles on …

Who are suitable for the gua sha massage
Who are suitable for the gua sha massage and who are not?

As a modern popular health care therapy, gua sha is efficient in detoxing, beautifying and driving …

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