Does Guasha massage work for obesity?

There is a certain ratio between height and weight of human body. If you are overweight because of the increase in fat, over 20% of normal body weight, you are considered obese. Obesity can induce arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cholelithiasis, fatty liver and so on, and often bring serious impact on health and longevity. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is caused by spleen and kidney deficiency, and phlegm-dampness. So can Gua Sha reduce the symptoms of obesity?

Chinese medicine clinics have shown that long-term adherence to Gua Sha has a significant effect on obesity, and it can make people slim

Health steps of GuaSha for obesity

1. Apply drops of essential oil evenly on the acupoints of the back Piyu, Weiyu, Shenyu and the lower limbs Fenglong acupoint, parallelly scraping from up to down, until the acupoints or skin felt glowing seemed to be bleeding tone, 5-10minutes would be OK.

2. Using thumb rubbing method on the acupoints of abdominal Guanyuan and Zhongwan, which can be combined with a few presses to increase the curative effect, 3-5minutes would be OK.

3. The obese lying in a prone position, then another one handle the Gua Sha kit scraping from the heart-lung area, spleen-stomach area, genitourinary system to the Changqiang acupoint. From the top down, fat thick positions need to be scraped more times, and scrape and push repeatedly.

4. Take the supine position, using one piece of Gua Sha tool scrape from the upper arm to the end of index finger, ring finger, and little finger, go with three rounds. 5-10times for each round, and 10minutes in total would be OK. Besides, the technique should be gentle and even, can be accepted by the patient.

In addition to rubbing the corresponding acupoints, the above types also need to be combined with massages.

Massage techniques: first massage the neck/back, buttocks, then massage the chest and abdomen, and then massage the limbs, mainly by rubbing, pressing, beating, scraping, and tapping. Pay attention to the force on massage parts, the time we may control 1 hour or so. Furthermore, massage once a day or every other day would be better, 20 times as a course of treatment, if you insisted on 1 course, you may lose 4 to 6 kilograms. TCM massage for weight loss can treat different patients according to the syndrome, and eliminate the root cause of obesity fundamentally.

Warm Prompt:

1. Massage is generally performed from top to bottom, in the order of head, face, upper limbs, back, waist, chest, abdomen, lower limbs, and feet.

2. The location of the acupuncture points should be as accurate as possible, but not too harsh. Concentration is much more important.