The Modern Real Jade Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a technique that scratches and presses on the skin to drain lymph nodes and massage the facial muscles.

What is the modern real jade gua sha?

Modern Gua sha consists of gua sha tools made from jade, crystal, which are contoured with beauty tools while gliding over the face. It makes the skin a radiant complexion with a gua sha tool. Gua Sha’s facial treatment involves scraping the skin with jade or crystal gua sha sculptor to relax muscles and promote tissue dehydration.

modern gua sha
modern gua sha tool

The real jade gua sha tools are small, use the small end of it to reach the most sensitive areas of the face, such as the eyes and the sides of the face. Maneuver it outwards in a gentle sliding motion, starting in the middle of the face and using the tool down the side of the neck to maximize lymph drainage. Move three times on each part of your face 5 times and use the tool for 15 minutes to achieve your flawless, glowing skin.

The Real Jade massage tools are used to relieve tension, boost circulation and contour the face without scratching the skin. Gua sha can be applied to the skin of the face or neck or the whole body.

YLELY is a modern company that dedicates to health and beauty crafts research, development, design, sales and manufacturing. All the gua sha and jade rollers are made of natural jade stone, supported by the complete scientific management, strict quality control system and specialized & intimate after-sales service.

the real jade gua sha

With using the YLELY Gua Sha and Jade Roller Set, which includes a finger gua sha kit and a jade roller. Jade Facial roller is a quick way to remove swelling of all sizes and shapes. Gua Sha allows you to penetrate deeper into your skin contours, promoting better penetration and absorbed skin products.

Why YLELY insists on making the highest quality jade beauty and skin care products?

Because gua sha is a part of traditional Chinese culture. YLELY wish to share this traditional crafts and health care method that has been experienced for 2000 years with the world.

While gua sha is a safe technique for healthy skin, it is advised that people with sensitive skin (eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases) refrain from using it without the consent of a dermatologist.