How To Relieve Insomnia By Gua Sha Massage?

Sleep is the main way to eliminate brain fatigue.

A normal good sleep can regulate physiological functions and maintain the balance of the nervous system. Long-term lack of sleep or poor sleep quality will affect the function of the brain, and even cause neurasthenia and other diseases in severe cases.

Occasionally, poor sleep, multiple dreams, insomnia, poor sleep quality or awakening are normal physiological processes, but if they do so for a long time, they will cause serious health hazards. Self-conditioning through Gua Sha massage can improve sleep.

Simple Head and Foot Scraping Therapy

Gua Sha Parts:

  • Head Anmian acupoint
  • Foot Yongquan acupoint
Anmian Acupoint

Gua Sha Steps:

  1. Every morning, use a Gua Sha tool to scrape the entire head until the scalp becomes warm. During the scraping process, focus on the painful points. Generally, 15mins or so would be okay;
  2. Scrape the Anmian acupoint behind the head and ears with a single-angle scraping method. This can be done within 10mins;
  3. Every night, use a Gua Sha tool to scrape the entire bottom of the foot with a planiform scraping method until the bottom of the foot becomes hot. In the process of scraping, focus on the single-angle scraping method to wipe the Yongquan acupoint on the sole of the foot. Usually, 10-15mins works well
Yong Quan Acupoint