Who are suitable for the gua sha massage and who are not?

As a modern popular health care therapy, gua sha is efficient in detoxing, beautifying and driving away coldness. It could nourish and lubricate our skin and relax our body and mind. And the most important is that is easy to grasp as well, everyone can process it at home. But not all people are suitable for gua sha, so let’s talk about who are suitable for gua sha massage and who are not?

People who are suitable for the gua sha massage

People who are feel tired frequently, don’t like to move and always lie down all day. Like some network technicians, who need to sit at the computers for long periods of time with air conditioning and have very little time to do exercise, always have to concentrate on various issues, so it consumes a lot of energy. A network engineer friend of mine used to suffer from insomnia and headaches. Gua sha massage can help them reduce their physical and mental burden, it is best for this kind of people to perform a weekly scraping, which can be a good way to ease the burden on the body.

Easy to deficiency sweating, especially on the forehead, chest, palms and feet. Weak sweating is a sign of insufficient blood, gua sha massage can improve blood circulation and enhance blood flow, adjust the balance of yin and yang. these kind of people should do more exercise and strengthen physique.

Looks haggard, lethargic, and sometimes pale, poor appetite, no appetite, mild dysmenorrhea or cold hands and feet, severe dampness and cold. The pain is caused by a lack of blood flow, when the blood flows freely, the pain goes away. The pain can be relieved by regular massage and gua sha scraping of the limbs, palms and back.

People who love beauty are suitable for scraping. Gua Sha can promote skin metabolism, tighten the skin, and make the skin more elastic. It can also promote the absorption of skin care products and double the effect of skin care products.

people feel-tired
People Haggard
People weak sweating

People who are not suitable for the gua sha massage

  • People with severe liver and kidney insufficiency, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not suitable for gua sha scraping.
  • Gua sha is not suitable for pregnant women. Scraping on their abdomen and waist and hip is easy to cause miscarriage.
  • The redness and swelling, wound, rash and lump on the body are not suitable for scraping, which can easily lead to wound spread and infection.
  • People who have skin contact infection should not gua sha, it is easy to infect other section and other people.
  • Excessive physical fatigue, drunkenness and excessive hunger and fullness are not suitable for scraping, otherwise it will cause people to collapse.
  • Mental patients are not suitable for scraping, which is easy to cause the disease.There is severe hepatic and renal insufficiency.

Therefore, Gua Sha massage should be based on your own physical condition and must not be blind.