Gua Sha Brings Out New Beauty Fashion In 2020

With the popularity of SPA shaping and aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine health care skills-meridian gua sha matched with aromatherapy oil, not only had the traditional health efficacy, but also equipped fashional style, became beauty women’s beloved.

Facial gua sha dating from Chinese tradional health princeple of keeping youthful methods.

Gua Sha Brings New Beauty Fashion

Using speclized facial scraping board, along specific meridian acupoint of the face, coordinated varies plant oil and permeable essence, exploited a certain technique to stimulate skin to smooth the blood, to reach the fuctions of activating blood, dredging pore texture and discharging sha, etc., long-term persistence can improve the face acnes, spots, wrinkles, and dark circles effectively.

Via the special scraping boards made of buffalo horn or ice jade stone that materials operation, the common characteristic of that materials are decreasing interal heat and detoxifying.

The beautician said, through the facial scraping positive irritant can achieve of moblizing the potential, balancing magnetic field, removing toxins, eliminating spots and whitening, anti-wrinkles, hydrating and resist sensitivity that beauty effects.