What is gua sha massage?

Appeared, people always instinctively use hands or gallets to fondle and thump one part of body surface when getting sick, sometimes it could relief the illness well. With people’s further study and the accumulation of years, achieved gua sha technology of today, it becomes systematized, then widely spread among people.

Gua sha has a long history.

Gua sha is instructed by the Chinese traditional medicine meridians theory, using the special-made gua sha tools and corresponding skills to dip a certain medium, then do the repeated scarping and rubbing on body surface let local skin appears red miliary or dark red petechias changes, so as to achieve the activating blood effects.

traditional gua sha
facial roller gua sha massage

Gua sha massage has medical effects

Gua sha with the function of activating blood and removing blood stasis, channeling collaterals and eliminating pathogenic toxins have also widely used in many diseases on different departments, such as the internal, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, as well as in the beauty, health fitness areas.

Gua sha massage sas a significant effect on skin care

Daily scraping can keep the skin elastic and promote skin metabolism. Meanwhile, It also enhances the skin’s absorption of skin care products. It’s a simple and effective way for women who love beauty to take care of themselves. 

Gua sha massage strengthen physique

Gua Sha has a very obvious effect on strengthening physique. When people feels unwell, it is usually caused by obstruction of the body’s meridians. Specific manifestations include bruising, swelling and pain. Gua sha massage is a process of dredging the meridians of the body. It can remove congestion and toxins in the body, regenerate blood, enhance metabolism, and achieve the effect of enhancing physical fitness.

The benefits of Gua Sha are far more than these, it can also play a role in relieving the mental tension of people, adjust the physiological balance. Wish more and more people will pay attention to Gua Sha Massage to get healthier and more beautiful!